Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bouncing Balls

This lesson was harder then most being that i have never played the Chinese game of bouncing ball before. But i worked my way through it, even though i didn't get to touch on many things i wanted to. when listening to the audio from the lesson i still seemed to make a couple of small mistakes with saying 'um' and alright a lot. but that is how we learn from reading the scripts and changing our habits. What i also noticed i gave some students feedback on how to change what they were doing on different cues and tasks then i asked. It good that we get lab C twice because now i know more on what to hit on so i will be able to change the lesson so i can work on those issues. I also forgot to do a demo before the lesson so i know many students were kind of lost in the fact they didn't have any idea of what i was looking for, but this is why we have two shots at it so we can fix our mistakes. but other then these mistakes i felt all went well and i am ready to improve on the lesson and be able to do it next time with no flaws!!

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