Thursday, April 30, 2009

Then and Now

Looking back from the first time i taught to now many things have changed. I am now able to respond better and manage behavioral problems, give better feedback to the learner, and also know ways that i can help students in the task weather its making it easier or more advanced. This class and the ability to teach different lessons and be able to go back and see the lessons being taught helped me change into a better teacher. From this class i learned different ways to become a better physical educator who doesn't just roll a ball out and has kids play, but one who breaks skills down giving students the chance to become experts in physical activity. EDU 255 gave me the ability to become the new generation will be giving me to students then just a grade but a better mind set on a health lifestyle and active life.

Lab D..Step Aerobics

Lab D was our final teaching lab. The lesson i taught was step aerobics, even though i do not have a great background in this i enjoyed learning and teaching it. I had many steps i researched but the two i taught were the helicopter and reverse v step. These two steps were more of the difficult ones for students because they force balance and agility because students must spin and also come across the board.
When assessing my video i used the time coding form which allowed me to see how organized the lesson was. The score i received from this was very good being that i had students doing activity while i explained certain tasks this helped cut down waiting time for the students and allowed more time for activity. Compared to lab C and the short teaching lessons we've done Lab D i thought went very well. I was able to recognize when students were acting up and was able to act on it very quickly and effectively. Since the last teaching lessons i gave more feedback to more students and was able to help more students struggling with the tasks. Lab D was overall a successful lesson even though it was shorter then 15 minutes i covered two difficult tasks, gave plenty of feedback and handled behavioral issues.