Thursday, May 14, 2009

The never ending fight

Ben's Game was a very good game to show the fight of cancer and how is not easy. This game was fun to play even though the topic is not fun one. Ben's game shows that the fight is hard with the cells allows mutating and your body is always getting sick. Schools should cover more about cancer being it is such a powerful virus that kills so many. Here i created another game in which students must fight off the nerf balls which are cancerous cells. Students must roll the cancer cells out of their area and keep their area (body) healthy. Its should be hard for both teams because they will be rolling the balls into the other areas but this represents the fight against cancer and how the fight is constantly occurring.



Ben's Game: Fight cancer

Friday, May 8, 2009

EDU 255 Final Part 1

This news piece was done in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which is in Canada, and is north of the U.S. boarder. I thought this news piece was very valuable and shows physical education is needed in the schools curriculum. This piece shows that with physical activity students are more attentive and perform better in other subjects. Physical activity gets the hippocampus which is located in the brain working and it releases BDNF which is called a ‘miracle grow’ for the rest of the brain. BDNF helps students stay calm this being a big help to teachers in The City Park Collegiate School because students in this school have many learning disabilities and being able to control themselves will help the teachers teach. Teachers now being able to teach distraction free and students who are more focused will improve education programs.

The results show physical activity is working not only for healthier lifestyles but to better improvements in other subject areas. In one school year the fluency rates went up 121.4% comprehension went up 230% and math also went up 17.3%. Reading, writing and sight of words all went up a couple grade levels too. Math also went up 17.3%. Students are now more interested in their academics and enjoy learning then they did before.

In NYS students are involve with physical education, but it is not like this. Here students tend to stand around waiting for their turn of wait for the ball to come to them. In City Park students perform vigorous physical activity for at least 45 minutes a day, this guarantees optimal physical activity. Students must increase their heart rate to 65-75% of the maximum and maintain this; this is the biggest difference between this program and a normal physical education class.

Students now have better relationships with their teachers and also their peers because they are more engaged in their academics. Some students have changed their lives around because they now see what they could be doing with themselves instead of taking drugs and taking part in troubling activities.


Lesson Plan- Lab D

Task Progression- Lab D